Road roller

SEM Road roller is a special equipment of the highest quality from Caterpillar® for compaction of non-cohesive and low-cohesive soils and bases during repair and construction of road surfaces.

SEM roller has an affordable price with increased efficiency, even in the most difficult conditions, and this technique is known, made in China.

Soil roller SEM is a popular choice even for low volume road works.

Qualified technical support is provided both during the warranty period and after it. Besides having excellent maintainability, roller SEM is virtually no alternative option when works of this type.

Characteristics of the Soil roller:

— rolling press, diameter 50 mm, (operating frequency up to 30 Hz.), where an eccentric with a sealed drive stabilizes the vibration of the drum, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the technique;

— turbocharged engine(Sauer) with block-modular cooling system, where 2 sets of fuel filters improve fuel cleaning and increase service life;

— manual transmission, equipped with electro-hydraulic control system, allows you to control the equipment without difficulty and switch the direction of movement of the rink;

— closed hydraulic system of the closed center, where economical hydraulic pumps are installed, as well as high-quality hoses and connections (Eton), operated under high pressure, guarantee protection against leaks;

— ability to overcome the slope of 34% (competitors 30%) facilitates movement on extremely steep slopes;

— the technology used in the cooling system (developed by Cat®), is characterized by open access to the coolant tank, which allows for visual control at a maximum air temperature of up to + 50 C.

To learn more about each of the models of road rollers produced by SEM, as well as to purchase a Soil roller you can on our website.

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High efficiency: the unique construction of the shaking unit together with the drum, 50 mm dimension and provide superior sealing performance. Reliability: the shaking system uses an eccentric vibration shelf design, extends the service life up to 50%. Maintenance: counter timer and three-state control system of monitoring system. High efficiency
  • Load sensing hydraulic vibration and fuel delivery system reduce system heat output and fuel consumption
  • Dual frequency and amplitude with hydraulic system with close vibration center for easy operation and increased productivity
  • Optimized the speed of the movement with the vibration frequency
  • Rear axle equipped with limited slip differential (LSD) for better movability
  • New control panel with three-level alarm supervision
  • Automatic Parking brake
  • Neutral start protection
  • Advanced vibration system, fully sealed housing to extend bearing life
  • World class piston pump and motor for shaking and hydraulic system
  • Anti-dust collecting and switching to IP67 network electrical power
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