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Lubricant is intended to reduce friction force in gears of mechanisms, with reduction of which energy consumption is reduced, i.e. engine efficiency increases, wear and tear of rubbing parts is reduced. Lubrication also prevents rusting of metal; therefore, if machines are preserved or machine parts are stored, they are lubricated abundantly.
Lubricants play a significant role in thermoregulation of mechanism, not only reducing friction, but also assuming the role of “second” cooling fluid.
Qualitative lubricants shall meet the following basic requirements:
1) have good lubricating capacity;
2) do not change physical and chemical properties under normal operation of the machine (do not form resins);
3) protect parts against corrosion even in case of equipment extended shutdown;
4) do not freeze in case of low temperatures;
5) do not contain water and mechanical impurities;
6) do not change composition during extended storage.

Borusan Kazakhstan supplies qualitative lubricants for your special vehicles. Professionals of the company will provide a professional consultation and assist in individual selection lubricant.

It is possible to get an advice and to order lubricant for your special vehicles by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan)

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