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High efficiency: the unique construction of the shaking unit together with the drum, 50 mm dimension and provide superior sealing performance.

Reliability: the shaking system uses an eccentric vibration shelf design, extends the service life up to 50%.

Maintenance: counter timer and three-state control system of monitoring system.


  • Fields of application – soil compaction in the construction of roads and railways, runways and industrial sites
  • A complete set with a roller with diamond-shaped cams for compaction of clay soils is possible
  • Available with a square-shaped cam roller to seal the sand

High efficiency

  • Rolling press, 50 mm dimension, compacts the soil by 10-15% better than competitive equipment
  • Seal off building block cooling system operates at an ambient temperature of 43°C


  • Capsule vibration mechanism extends service life up to 50%
  • Closed center hydraulic system with displacement pump and motor from world famous manufacturer
  • Electronically controlled transmission provides ease and convenience in operation


  • Digital frequency counter tracks the frequency of seal
  • Three-level alarm system and motor speed sensor monitor the performance of the machine
  • Capsule vibration mechanism with eccentric weights increases the service life of the vibration system by 50%
  • Steel shot moving inside the hollow eccentric load provides a stable oscillation amplitude, reduces the impact on the motor, increases the frequency of system maintenance
  • Fully sealed actuator cam prevents contamination, increases life of bearings
  • SEM 518 Roller is equipped with a 40 mm dimension rolling press

Seal off modular cooling system

  • Intake fan drives cold air through the radiator, providing excellent cooling
  • Additional installation of cooling system for hot climate allows to operate the machine at ambient temperature up to 50°C
  • The secondary cooling tank ensures constant system pressure and convenient visual control of the coolant level

Hydraulic system with closed center

  • Increases efficiency by 20% compared to an open center system
  • Reduces oil pollution, prolongs the service life of the hydraulic system
  • Maintains higher pressure with less energy loss
  • Simplifies the layout of the hoses
  • A smaller tank is required, which reduces maintenance costs
  • Hydraulic components VibroSystem world-class
  • At the Roller SEM 518 are mounted piston pump and motor Sauer brand
  • The high-pressure hose (at vibrosystems)
  • High reliability hoses and connections of the Eton brand are used
  • Optimized layout of hose increases their service life
  • Electronic-controlled transmission
  • Easier switching reduces operator fatigue and increases work efficiency
  • High reliability
  • The axle is equipped with a differential with a proportional torque divider (PTD)
  • PTD redistributes the torque transmitted to the wheels, depending on the condition of the ground, improves traction
  • Ability to overcome the slope of 34%, while competitors only 30%
  • Optimally matched transmission ratio ensures higher speed in 1st gear
  • Measuring the frequency of vibration
  • Constantly shows the frequency of seal
  • Operator can choose suitable frequency to avoid excessive compaction
  • Three-level alarm system
  • The machine detects problems in the system and notifies the operator about them with the help of 3 light indicators and a sound alarm
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Operating weightkg18 000
Dimensions (length x width x height)mm6245 х 2340 х 3193
Vibration amplitude (maximum/minimum)mm2/1
Vibration frequency (maximum/minimum)Hz30/28
Exciting force (maximum/minimum)kN327/188
Static linear loadN/cm415
ModelDEUTZ Stage II
Rated motor powerkW129
Rotation frequencyrpm2 000
Transmission system
Transmission typeThree-speed transmission with electronic control
First (working) speedkm/h2.98
Intermediate speedkm/h5.88
Maximum speedkm/h9.6
Outer turning radiusmm6 350
The maximum climbing rate%34
Drum widthmm2 130
Drum diametermm50
Wall thickness of the drummm1 600
Refuelling tanks
Fuel tankl262
Hydraulic oil tank capacityl80
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