Front loader | SEM656D (Weichai)

656D (Weichai)
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based on developments Cat®

Series: Wheel loader D series

Operating conditions:  For heavy duty

Loading capacity:  5 tons

  • Low-speed engine with dynamic cooling improves operational efficiency
  • Advanced fuel pre – filter removes water and mechanical impurities, protecting the fuel system
  • Air cleaner ensures reliable operation of the loader even in the most difficult operating conditions
  • Double pump hydraulic system with a combined flow increases the productivity of the machine
  • Hydraulic components, made at the level of world standards, have high reliability
  • Optimized hydraulic system, working in conjunction with the transmission, reduces the duration of the working cycle of the machine and increases productivity
  • Spacious cabin with excellent visibility is convenient for the operator
  • Sliding window and air conditioning with fresh air to increase operator comfort
  • Hydraulic control with joystick provides convenience and accuracy of operations
  • Multifunctional dashboard with three-level alarm
  • Adjustable suspension seat
  • Multi-shaft gearbox with advanced main components guarantee high reliability
  • High tractive effort in first gear and high speed in second gear ensures high efficiency in loading and transport work
  • Clutch mode switch contributes to stability and safety of operation
  • Axles designed and manufactured by SEM Company, provide industry-leading heavy duty performance
  • The standard configuration of the cooling system ensures reliable operation of the loader at ambient temperatures up to 43 °C, and the additional cooling system – up to 50 °C
  • Radiators are mounted on shock absorbers to ensure reliability in severe operating conditions
  • Structural parts are tested with finite element analysis (FEA) and workload analysis (OMSA) to improve service life
  • Performance Series (PS) buckets have increased capacity
  • Centralized lubrication points reduce maintenance time
  • Standard ports for hydraulic pressure measurement
  • Easy access to the external port of the air system
  • Easy access to the motor compartment through the opening grille of the hood
  • The torque converter component is located separately from the gearbox, which simplifies maintenance
  • The design of the loader meets all safety standards
  • For the convenience of the operator in the design of the machine provides 3 points of support when lifting into the cabin
  • Reversing light, horn and flashing light ensure the safety of nearby personnel
  • Caterpillar Production System (CPS) is used in the manufacture of the machine
  • Eco-friendly dyeing process
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Main technical characteristics
Nominal capacitykg5 000
Operating weight with standard bucketkg17 100
Bucket capacity2.7-4.5
Wheel basemm3 300
Dimensions (length x width x height)mm8 396 x 2 963 x 3 456
Operating characteristics
Breakout force (at ground level)kN173
Dump heightmm3 113
Angle of rotation of the hinge joint of the frame°38 ± 1
Transmission system
Type of the speed shifting box Intermediate shaft, switching under load
Number of gears front, rear 4 front, 4 rear
Torque converter component type Single-stage three-element
Model of the speed shifting box SEM TR200
Speed 1 (front, rear)km/h8.6/8.6
Speed 2 (front, rear)km/h16.0/16.0
Speed 3 (front, rear)km/h25.0/25.0
Speed 4 (front)km/h43.0/43.0
Model SEM SO32
Type main transmission Single-stage bevel gear with spiral teeth
Type final drive Planetary, single-stage
Rear axle swing angle°± 11
Model WD10
Rated motor powerkW162
Rated rotation speedrpm2 000
Hydraulic system of working equipment
Type of Hydraulic system of working equipment Single-stage, load-sensitive system with flow separation
Lift time of the leads5.13
Complete working cycle times9.3
System pressureMPa18
Braking system
Main brakes Dry disc with pneumatic-hydraulic drive
Parking brake Drum with brake pads, with spring drive and hydraulic feeding
Steering system
Type With hydraulic booster
Type steering pump Rotary gear pump
The hydraulic pressureMPa16
Angle of rotation (L/R)°38 ± 1
Type Diagonal
Size 23.5 — 25
Number of plies 16
Pattern L3
Refill capacity
Petrol tankl252
Equipment under the order
High-lift boom  
Heater and air conditioning for cab  
Replaceable working equipment  
ROPS/FOPS (rollover protection system/protective structure against falling objects)  
The quick-change device equipment  
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