based on developments Cat®

High productivity: load sensing hydraulic system provides consistent and precise blade movement.

High reliability: A-shaped traction frame provides strength in all blade positions.

Comfort:  layout of world-class controls with light leverage gives the possibility to reduce operator fatigue.

  • Hydraulic system
  • Directional control valves with proportional pressure compensation (PPPC) valves are designed specifically for graders. They continuously adjust the flow and pressure in the hydraulic system in accordance with the load and control actions, which greatly facilitates the control of all functions.
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Base weightkg15 930
Operational weightkg17 590
Wheel basemm6 140
Length of blade (length x width x height)mm4 479 х 25 х 607
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)mm8 854 x 2 630 x 3 360
Operating characteristic
Maximum traction forceкН≥85
Maximum altitude of liftingmm475
Maximum cutting depthmm715
Slewing capability of frame knee joint°20
Transmission type Intermediate shaft, switching under load
Number of gears forward / reverse 6 forward, 3 backward
Transmission model Hangchi 6WG180
Speed 1 (front, rear)km/h5.3/5.3
Speed 2 (front, rear)km/h9.1/12
Speed 3 (front, rear)km/h12.0/25.0
Speed  4 (front)km/h20.0
Speed 5 (front)km/h25.0
Speed 6 (front)km/h39.0
Axle model Meritor 18MRH-X240
Pivot angle of front axle°15
Pivot angle of rear axle°25
Maximum pivot angle°± 16
Model SDEC SC8D220G2
Engine power ratingkW162
Nominal speed of rotatingr.p.m2 200
Hydraulic system of work equipment
Hydraulic system type of work equipment Load sensitive hydraulic system
System pressureMPa22
Hydraulic timing cycle:
Blade lift of left sides2.42
Blade lowering of left sides2.67
Blade lift of right sides2.42
Blade lowering of right sides2.67
Moving of blade to the lefts10.09
Moving of blade to the rights9.84
Brake system
Guide brake Drum-type, brakeshoes with air-oil control
Parking brake Air dump Spring Drum
Minimum turn radiusm7.8
Steering angle (L/R)°47.5 ± 1
Size 17.5-25
Wheel pressurekPa225
Ply rating 12
Pattern L2/G2
Refueling tanks
Oil fuel tankl280
Hydraulic systeml60
Fractional Clutch of rolling circle  

Rear fenders  
Remove / put front blade  
Protection of the under-cab space  
Snow fender  
Snow fender preparation  
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