Technical Training

Technical Training

Training of the operators takes place on the Customer’s area. A group of future machine operators receives theoretical lessons as well as practical exercises on the basis of the sold machine. The training is conducted by qualified service engineers. Duration of training is 2 days. Almost for all machines which are handed over, the company conducts a short course in handling and driving the machine for the operators, since each machine has its own unique characteristics.

  1. Inspection and receiving the machine from the guard escort
  2. Installing the automotive battery, refueling the machine and starting the machine.
  3. Unloading the machine.
  4. Moving to the temporary storage warehouse.
  5. Carrying out PDI (lubrication, checking fluid levels, machine equipment).
  6. Handover of the machine to the Customer, operator training, signing the act of delivery and acceptance
  7. Registering the machine for warranty in the DMS system.

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