Cat® Product Link

Cat® Product Link


Nowadays, in order to remain competitive, more work needs to be done in less time and at a lower cost. At the same time, the technique has become more complex. Checking the condition of the oil and external inspection is no longer enough. It is important to minimize costs and increase productivity. An integrated equipment management solution (EMServices) will help you with this.

Equipment Management Solution (EMServices)

Caterpillar®, together with Borusan Kazakhstan, has developed SEM equipment management solutions (EMServices) that provide you with extensive technical support depending on your needs, size of the fleet, type of company activity, geographical location of the facility and much more. Borusan Kazakhstan will find the perfect solution for you.

SEM equipment is the foundation of your business, and therefore you need to make the most of your technology without losing even a small fraction of your capital. The joint EMServices fleet management solution from Borusan Kazakhstan and Caterpillar uses the latest technology to help you lower operating costs and maximize productivity.


ProductLink, the latest generation of cellular telematics, is the key to monitoring important equipment parameters, such as operator productivity, machine location, fuel consumption, idling %, tech. maintenance, error codes, downtime, etc. It allows you to control uptime, productivity and profitability using a web application for road building and mining equipment.

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