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Spare parts for special vehicles

In case of longstanding and heavy operation, even reliable and high-quality special vehicles became unfit for use.

It is possible to perform scheduled maintenance, or to minimize repair time of special vehicles, creating spare parts provisioning, which does not guarantee 100% availability of required spare part, or contact Caterpillar Center for support.

Parts distribution center located in China (Qingzhou), north-eastward of SEM's subsidiary-manufacturer of special vehicles, Caterpillar Ltd.

Warehouse, equipped with modern ergonomic equipment, using high-tech automation systems, is on area more than 7 000 m2.

There spare parts for earthmoving, construction, road Chinese special vehicles, such as: autograder, road roller, frontal wheel loader, bulldozer.

Learn more about products in parts catalog of Chinese special vehicles at our website.

The catalogue contains more than 22 000 items for sale and support of service and logistics companies.

Parts distribution center continuously share information with customer services maintenance.

Due to inventory forecasting system, introduced in the industry, necessary spare parts reserve has been created, allowing maintenance of any model of Chinese special vehicles, presented on sem.kz, which are in need of urgent repair.

Funds are used to maximum effect, and period of repair work was minimized.

“Right Here for You” is slogan of Cat Company, which demonstrates teamwork and wins universal confidence.

To order necessary spare part for Chinese special vehicles, browse to section “Spare parts catalogue” on our website.


    Antifreeze is liquid promoting freezing point depression in cooling system and also it protects against deposits formation in engine section of the vehicle. It is very important to use high-quality antifreezes with appropriate specifications and meet international standards of equipment manufacturers. Fairly large number of motor system breakages is related to improper maintenance of cooling system. Usage of antifreeze of low-quality can lead to various cavitation, corrosion, formation of silica gels and deposits in cooling channels. To avoid engine failure and provide long-term protection of cooling system, it is necessary to choose antifreeze, meeting all requirements of motor manufacturers. Suitable coolant will effectively protect the engine against overheating and provide an extended life cycle. Borusan Kazakhstan provides specialized antifreeze of high quality and efficiency, providing complete protection of the engine against overheating and freezing, and also has improved temperature and anticorrosion properties. It is possible to get an advice and to order oil by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan)


    Payback period of equipment directly depends on the intensity of its work at the present stage of production growth. One of the most important factors of faultless operation is application of consumables recommended by the manufacturer, and their timely replacement. All this will allow your equipment to demonstrate the best deliverables and earn its keep as soon as possible. Timely replacement of old parts prevents significant breakdowns, hence costly repair. It is important to replace consumables on time, as long service life and high performance of equipment depend on such maintenance. One more obligatory condition, required for routine maintenance of special vehicles and machines maintenance of machines in ideal technical state is timely supply of high-quality consumables. Borusan Kazakhstan provides a broad assortment of original spare parts and consumables for your equipment. Due to regular replenishment of warehouse with necessary spare parts assortment, Borusan Kazakhstan will help to eliminate breakdown and reduce undesirable downtime of your equipment within the shortest possible time. It is possible to get an advice and to order consumables by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan)


    High performance of earthmoving special vehicles directly depends on state of cutting tools (bucket teeth, cutting edges, adapters, protectors, etc.). Abrasion of cutting tools makes it difficult to excavate (cut) the round, significantly reducing overall efficiency of performed operations. Therefore, timely replacement of worn cutting tools is one of the principal tasks of routine maintenance of special vehicles. Detecting great performance in details, it is necessary to replace worn elements in a timely manner. Such qualified care will avoid breakages and major failures of your equipment. Specialists of Borusan Kazakhstan will help to select cutting tools for your equipment, and take into account your needs, forming inventory reserves of the company. Due to regular replenishment of warehouse with necessary spare parts assortment, Borusan Kazakhstan will help to eliminate breakdown and reduce undesirable downtime of your equipment within the shortest possible time. It is possible to get an advice and to order cutting tools by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan).  


    Operational liquids and fuel used in special equipment need constant cleaning from extraneous mechanical impurities. Replaceable filters are used for these purposes. When choosing them, preference should be given to original components or products of companies recommended by the manufacturer. Their use guarantees the preservation of equipment performance and helps avoid costly repairs. The “Borusan Kazakhstan” company supplies original filters for heavy cargo, construction, quarry, earthmoving and agricultural machinery. The company's specialists will provide professional advice and help with the individual selection of cleaning filters for your machine. During operation, there is a gradual accumulation of contaminants in the filter elements of machinery. This leads to a significant increase in resistance to hydraulic or air flow. When critical values are reached, the normal functioning of systems and mechanisms becomes impossible and is accompanied by:
    • increased fuel consumption;
    • reduced productivity of the working body of the machine;
    • failure of auxiliary systems and units.
    Regular change of filters helps avoiding the above problems. To get a consultation and to order hydraulic components call 8 800 0800 228 (call is free for Kazakhstan)  


    The hydraulic system provides control of working equipment in the construction of all modern bulldozers, excavators, graders, drilling rigs and other special equipment. This is a complex system, susceptible to overload and shock and requiring careful attitude, because the failure of one component entails a complete loss of performance of the whole machine. Special equipment is often operated in extreme conditions and under heavy loads. Maximum reliability, special design, additional requirements- all these conditions must be met by the hydraulic components, thanks to which the machine regularly performs all its functions for the entire period of operation. The “Borusan Kazakhstan” company provides components of hydraulics for the most rigid requirements. Using these high-tech components, you guarantee reliable operation of the machine in difficult conditions and minimal downtime. To get a consultation and to order hydraulic components call 8 800 0800 228 (call is free for Kazakhstan)


    Lubricant is intended to reduce friction force in gears of mechanisms, with reduction of which energy consumption is reduced, i.e. engine efficiency increases, wear and tear of rubbing parts is reduced. Lubrication also prevents rusting of metal; therefore, if machines are preserved or machine parts are stored, they are lubricated abundantly. Lubricants play a significant role in thermoregulation of mechanism, not only reducing friction, but also assuming the role of “second” cooling fluid. Qualitative lubricants shall meet the following basic requirements: 1) have good lubricating capacity; 2) do not change physical and chemical properties under normal operation of the machine (do not form resins); 3) protect parts against corrosion even in case of equipment extended shutdown; 4) do not freeze in case of low temperatures; 5) do not contain water and mechanical impurities; 6) do not change composition during extended storage. Borusan Kazakhstan supplies qualitative lubricants for your special vehicles. Professionals of the company will provide a professional consultation and assist in individual selection lubricant. It is possible to get an advice and to order lubricant for your special vehicles by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan)


    Each businessman, having special vehicles, knows that it is possible to reduce costs on its utilization, increasing its life cycle and reducing downtime. The most effective method to achieve this purpose is usage of high-quality oils, significantly improving reliability and extending term of uninterrupted operation of any mechanisms, especially those which are operated under rough conditions. It is necessary to pay special attention to quality and characteristics of technical fluids and oils which are used in hydraulic systems of special vehicles. Oils, presented by Borusan Kazakhstan, meet the requirements of protection of such systems ad their separate mechanisms in the best way, particularly, protecting them in terms of extreme loads, essential variations in temperature and a lot of dust, peculiar to any industrial sites. Quality lubricants shall perform following functions:
    • Protection of mechanisms against rust;
    • Facilitation of sliding of interacting aggregates and assemblies;
    • Cooling of parts;
    • Prevention of spawling and premature failures;
    • Disposal of rust, carbon residues, contaminating impurities.
      It is possible to get an advice and to order oil by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan)


    Travel device Caterpillar is characterized by excellent performance and operating characteristics. Caterpillars, which were developed using advanced American technologies, are distinguished by reduced resistance and power losses in motion. They can be in service on 50% more improving machine performance.


    Caterpillar is used on road-constructive special vehicles in terms of lack of roads and adverse weather conditions. This method provides maximum possible coupling and high manoeuvrability and smooth movement at any location. Undercarriage of special vehicles is complex of components, where not only operation but phenomena of wear are closely interrelated. It is not unusual when the largest scope of repair works is related to undercarriage. Even insignificant system outage in supporting mechanisms is makes for misery failure of more critical elements and as a sequence, breakage of the whole undercarriage. Safety of machine during operation, its stability and manoeuvrability depend on undercarriage, therefore its accuracy and reliability cannot be underestimated. Based on this factor it is necessary to select supplier of spare parts of undercarriage exhaustively. Borusan Kazakhstan presents undercarriage for your equipment, intended for work in the most severe conditions. It is possible to get an advice and to order undercarriage by phone 8 800 0800 228 (free call in Kazakhstan)
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