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Efficiency: electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and multi-function joystick provide a high level of productivity and maneuverability.

Convenient operation: the cab is ergonomically designed for increased operator comfort and visibility. An advanced monitoring system controls the operating conditions of the vehicle and informs the operator about all the vital functions of the vehicle.

Reliability: proven hydrostatic design, as well as world-class pumps and motors ensure highly reliable bulldozer quality. Undercarriage components are designed to longer-term lifespan in contrast to leading competitors.

Operational capacity: SEM bulldozers are designed for easy access to reduce overall maintenance time. Electronic control module gives the possibility to quickly troubleshooting.

Hydrostatic drive with electronic control technology

  • Hydrostatic system provides higher efficiency and maximum output tractive effort – 280 кN.
  • Maintenance costs reduced by 60% compared to competitors that use a hydraulic torque converter and transmission design.
  • Reverse rotation and power reversal functions provide excellent maneuverability on work sites.

Comfortable operation

  • Counterrolling — caterpillars rotate in the opposite direction, which provides better maneuverability in the class.
  • Turn under load — the car retains full power when turning, which increases its productivity
  • Cruise control — the operator can maintain previous speed settings, which makes work easier.
  • The multi-function joystick allows to perform reverse rotation, rotation under load and set cruise control
  • Pilot control with a joystick ensures comfortable and precise blade operation.

SU blade

  • SU type blade combines excellent penetration of S type blade and high performance of U type blade
  • Designed for the best load retention and penetration into tightly pressed materials
  • L-shaped pushing bars keep the blade closer to the vehicle, which ensures excellent maneuverability, balancing and penetrative power of the blade
  • The blades have a robust box-section construction made of high-strength steel, which can withstand the most difficult working conditions.


  • Undercarriage that was produced by a world-class manufacturer provides high reliability and wear resistance.
  • Guide rollers, track rollers and carrying idlers are free of maintenance.
  • Planetary final drive design provides increased torque ratio for maximum transmission efficiency and lower maintenance costs
  • Long-lasting final drive bearings and brakes with multiple oil-cooled discs are highly reliable, reduce system heating and extend overall life


  • Structural details of the vehicle are verified using finite element analysis (FEA) and workload analysis (OMSA), which allows you to identify and protect high voltage areas
  • Advanced welding technologies of structural elements that relieve welding stress

Modular radiator

  • New advanced cooling system enables operation at ambient temperatures from -43 ° C to +50 ° C
  • Modular radiator is easy to maintain, remove and repair
  • Radiator grill provides better heat transfer and easy access for maintenance


  • The electronic control unit (ECM) of diagnostic system performs automatic diagnostics of eight key parameters
  • The monitoring system displays warning signals of three levels, reporting the results of fault diagnosis
  • The hydrostatic system requires less maintenance (every 2000 hours of operation), which reduces the time for maintenance by 50%
  • Implement valve group mounted outside the hydraulic fluid reservoir provides easy access for inspection and maintenance
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Operating weight kg 17 230
Ground pressure kPа 68
Road clearance mm 410
Maximum gradient ° 30
Model   Weichai WD10G178E25
Engine power rating kW 120
Working tool
Blade type   SU (assembly with S type blade is possible)
Blade capacity SU type — 4.3 m³, S type — 3.4 m³
Width of blade mm 3 140 (S — 3 490)
Altitude of blade mm 1 240 (S — 1 165)
Blade depth capability mm 430
Maximum altitude of blade lift mm 1 041
Maximum traction force kN 280
Depth capability of rippers’ teeth mm 584
Maximum clearance under the cutting edge mm 615
Type   Electronic control, power flow branching, hydrostatic drive
Speed (rear and front) km/h 0 -10 (stepless changeover switching)
Steering and brake   Hydrostatic control of steering system, multidisc brake in oil cushion
Minimum swing radius mm 3 610 (pivot turn using multidirectional rotation of caterpillars)
Shoe width of track  chain mm 510
Number of Track Chain Shoes mm 37
Ground Track Length mm 2 430
Track width mm 1 880
Number of road wheel unit, on the side 6
Number of guide rollers unit, on the side 2
Hydraulic system of work equipment
Hydraulic system type of work equipment   Leading control
System pressure МPа 19
Refueling tanks
Oil fuel tank L 320
Cooling system L 45
Hydraulic oil L 40
Implement hydraulic oil L 60
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