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SEM658D Wheel Loader-EAEU Region

Machine Applications

  • Landscaping, building, sewer/water tie-in, local utility construction Ready mix cement/concrete products, quarry/stone, clay, recycled aggregate, sand and gravel
  • Highway, street, tunnel, airport, residential commercial


  • High decibel beacon and backup alarm make person around easy to attention
  • 3 stages alarm system on panel make operator easy to notice
  • 3 points touch entering and exit cab make operator more safely


  • Quick pressure test ports on hydraulic (SOS) and brake air lines make diagnose easier
  • Large wing hood door make service easier, approach to air cleaner, fuel filters and oil filters
  • Large thread design in articulation section make operator easier to approach
  • Air tank with pressured air tap provide more convenience for service and maintenance

Solid Structure

  • Validated by Cat method FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and OMSA (On Machine Stress Analysis)
  • Middle articulation frame less work space needed, reduce tire wearing and fuel consumption
  • Large thread design in articulation section improves load capacity

Cooling System

  • High performance aluminum cooling package suitable for most severity applications
  • Oil cooler and radiator parallel design can balance heat load inside and suitable diversity applications
  • Damping design reduce vibration failure
  • High ambient 50°C cooling package make machine reliability better


  • Improve transmission oil system efficiency, machine fuel consumption reduced
  • marc mount reduce vibration
  • Made in house axle well fitted heavy duty application
  • Caterpillar design drive shaft and block bearing make machine more reliable

Operator Station

  • Mould formed cab with all trims design and more vents with HVAC make operator feel better
  • First class premium seat with suspension adjustable, arm rest and safety belt. Up-down, forward and reverse adjustable
  • Caterpillar method design damping mount reduce vibration failure
  • Slide window, fresh air inlet system make environment better

Hydraulic System

  • Single load sensing system, high productivity and high fuel efficiency
  • Piston pump, lower heat load contribution and provide more rim pull when hydraulic partial working
  • Less hydraulic oil capacity required because provide flow depends on demand


  • E-fan make fuel consumption better, 3 speeds auto-selection depend on coolant temperature
  • 3 stages air cleaner with 93% efficiency pre-cleaner reduce earlier wearing, high efficiency fuel filter make engine work in good condition
  • Cat technology damping mount reduce vibration failure. Four air valves delivers robust power
  • Radial seal air filter makes the maintenance easier and with good reliability


SEM658D Weichai SEM658D Cummins SEM658D for EAEU SEM658D Wet Axle

Main Specifications

Rated Payload
5,000kg 5,000kg 5,000kg 5,000kg
Operating Weight with Standard Bucket
17,158kg 17,084kg 17347+-3% kg (with ROPS/FOPS) 17,100kg
Bucket Capacity
2.6-4m³ 2.6-4m³ 2.6-4m³ 2.6-4m³

Operating Specifications

Breakout Force
178kN 178kN 178kN 178kN
Max. Drawbar Force
170KN 169KN 170kN 163KN


Transmission Gears
F4/R3 F4/R3 F4/R3 F4/R3
Torque Converter Type
Single Stage, 3 Elements Single Stage, 3 Elements Single Stage, 3 Elements Single Stage, 3 Elements
Max Speed
37km 37km 37km 37km
Maker & Type
SEM160 SEM160 SEM160 SEM160

Axle (Axle, Tire & Brakes)

Rear- oscillation +/-
±11° ±11° ±11° ±11°


Engine Model
WD10G220E21 Cummins 6LTAA9.3 WD10G220E21 WD10G220E21
Rated Power
162kW 162kW 162kW 162kW
Rated Speed
2,200r/min 2,200r/min 2,200r/min 2,200r/min
9.7L 9.3L 9.7L 9.7L
T2/Stage2 T2/Stage2 T2/Stage2 T2/Stage2

Implement Hydraulic System

Implement System Type
Open Center Open Center Fixed Flow Open Center Single Load Sensing
Hydraulic Cycle Time
9.3s 9.3s 9.3s 9.3s
System Pressure Setting
18Mpa 18Mpa 18Mpa 18Mpa
5.3s 5.3s 5.1s 5.13s

Brake System

Service Brake
Air to Oil Control Air to Oil Control Air to Oil Control Web Brake / Air to Oil Control
Parking Brake
Drum / Shoe Drum / Shoe Drum / Shoe Drum/Shoe

Service Refill Capacity

Fuel Tank
252L 252L 252L
Engine Lubricating Oil
21L 21L 21L
Hydraulic System
165L 165L 165L
Transmission Oil
45L 45L 45L


23.5-25 23.5-25 23.5-25 23.5-25
PR16 Bias PR16 Bias PR16 Bias PR16 Bias

  • Rated Payload: 5,000kg
  • Operating Weight with Standard Bucket: 17,158kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 2.6-4m³


  • Quarry
  • Coal
  • Log Grapple
  • Concrete
  • Port
  • Tunnel
  • Iron & Steel
  • Railway / Highway / Airport
  • Water Conservancy / Hydropower

  • Reliability:
    Sturdy frame design for heavy duty, Caterpillar design EH transmission and made in house axle make usage life longer Productivity:
    EH control transmission with KD and auto speed function, optimized TC and engine match 8% rimpull improved
  • Fuel Consumption:
    Optimized transmission flow save fuel, E-fan and single load sensing hydraulic system make lower fuel consumption
  • Comfortable:
    Good visibility, low noise design with first class premium 5 direction adjustable seat make operation comfortable



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